6.8 Million Now Seeking Refuge From Russian Invasion | ZeroHedge

6.8 Million Now Seeking Refuge From Russian Invasion | ZeroHedge

As of June 2, 12 PM CET, around 6.8 million people living in Ukraine have left the country to seek shelter from Russian aggression, either permanently or temporarily.

As Statista’s Florian Zandt shows in the chart below, based on data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), most of the people fleeing have crossed over at the Polish border.

Roughly 3.6 million refugees have reached Ukraine’s western neighbor via foot, bus, car or train looking for safety from the Russia-Ukraine war according to government records.

Apart from Poland, Romania and Hungary have carried the brunt of the refugee wave among Ukraine’s neighboring countries over the last weeks.

As the UNHCR notes, an estimated 2.2 million people have already returned to Ukraine.

Since it’s not clear whether these movements are temporary or permanent and cross-border movements remain highly unpredictable due to the volatile situation in the country, the figure hasn’t been subtracted from the total.

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