Bank run in Canada?

Is there a bank run going on in Canada, or is the banking system failing – or is this the beginning of the “Great Reset” ?  Or, have government sponsored activists hacked the banks in order to prevent Truckers from accessing any funds?  We don’t know, but people are reporting withdrawal trouble, and many banks are offline:

There are also reports of delays processing big withdrawals, which may indicate a systemic issue:

What we do know from History is the adage about power ‘use it and lose it’ which may explain the reaction of a frustrated populace to Canada’s equivalent of martial law.

What’s next, Boycotts, worker strikes, or people marching across Canada?  One Canadian is organizing just that, @

For sure, not all Canadian police agree with their orders – here is one frustrated cop complaining about the political hypocrisy:

One thing is for sure – this is a great time to trade currencies!

Global Intel Hub 2/16/2022 – Charlotte, NC

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