BREAKING: Smoking Gun evidence submitted in Lab Corp paternity fraud case

Global Intel – New York, NY — 4/19/2023 — In the case against Lab Corp (LH) regarding fake dad paternity tests, new evidence has been submitted which proves beyond a reasonable doubt (to anyone with room temperature IQ or greater) that Lab Corp is guilty of knowingly faking paternity tests in order to profit, via a scheme whereby deadbeat moms who need money can basically name anyone to be the dad as filled out in the form.  However, the court cannot ‘accept’ this Res ipsa loquitur evidence due to “Local Rules” or in other words, formatting issues:

Plaintiff has failed to comply with Local Rule 15.1(b)(2). Any motion to amend a pleading must be accompanied by a version of the proposed amended pleading that shows how the proposed amended pleading differs from the operative pleading.  Plaintiff has been repeatedly advised of the importance of complying with the Local Rules and continues to disregard them. Given Plaintiff’s repeated violations, the Court will reject any future noncompliant filing submitted by Plaintiff and consider imposing sanctions for any future noncompliant filings, including dismissal of actions, finding of contempt, imposition of monetary sanctions or attorney’s fees, or other lesser sanctions. See S.D. Cal. Civ. R. 83.1.

Is this the common case of defense attorneys trying to win a case via procedure?  The evidence included in the amended complaint is the equivalent of the bloody glove, but this glove doesn’t need to fit.  The core essence of the paternity fraud is something Lab Corp invented called “Motherless Testing” – you don’t need to be a scientist to understand how this is total bs.  If you want to determine paternity or maternity you need DNA samples from BOTH parents, not just one.  So not surprisingly, similar to the PCR COVID tests, an overwhelming majority (above 90%) of the Dad’s who take the Lab Corp “Motherless” test are identified as the Dad.  How is this possible?  Because they are creating what’s known in logic as a circular reference.  By excluding the mother, it’s impossible for the test to return a negative answer, because they are comparing the Dad against his own DNA, and the child’s.  Here is the statement from an expert in the field of DNA testing:

Here’s a copy of the Amended complaint: Proposed Amended Complaint

The Judge is going to rule on this shortly, but regardless of the ruling the evidence is now out there.  Anyone with a few coins in their pocket can get an account on PACER and view all the case documents, including the submitted evidence (This is the link, but you need a PACER account to view it, and they charge you ten cents per view -)

The damage of this case isn’t yet clear but it’s obviously massive.  Lab Corp’s tests were used to name thousands of ‘fake dad’s’ who have been paying child support to real moms for 18 years each – that alone adds up.  We aren’t getting into other issues where these fake tests are being used.

Lab Corp is no stranger to testing scams, they just paid out $19 Million on a “Blood Draw” kickback scam:

Two whistleblowers from Florence, South Carolina have settled their 10-year lawsuit against Laboratory Corporation of America (Labcorp) for $19 million, announced Pittsburgh-based law firm Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Basick & Raspanti.  Scarlett Lutz, owner of a medical billing services company, and Kayla Webster, a nurse working for a local family practitioner, alleged that Labcorp had participated in a complex health care fraud scheme to violate the False Claims Act by providing blood draws to their health care provider customers, who were receiving cash kickbacks from two other labs named in the suit.  “These whistleblowers are hard-working people from a small town in South Carolina, not highly paid laboratory-industry executives,” attorney Pamela Coyne Brecht said in a press release. “Our entire legal team … is so very proud to have prevailed as Kayla’s and Scarlett’s advocates on behalf of US taxpayers who fund the Medicare program, which too often falls prey to kickback schemes.”  In 2014, lab partners Health Diagnostics Laboratories (HDL) and Singulex Inc. entered into ability-to-pay settlements for their roles as well, for $47 million and $1.5 million, respectively. Both companies have declared bankruptcy.

In summary, the Lab Corp fake tests were enabling “Gold Diggers” as referenced in the famous song by Kayne West “ye” –

For more updates on this unfolding case, checkout this page hosted at

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