Credipost helping you manage blog posts

Credipost is a WordPress based tool that enables one click posting of articles on WordPress and Joomla blogs. First, the manager pastes the URL of the article to post in the field, and selects the site where it is to be posted. When post is clicked, Credipost strips out advertisements and other garbage code and formatting and outputs a clean ‘print to PDF’ style text, with attribution link. This means you can click and post your favorite articles legally (the attribution link method is widely accepted).

Credipost is available for a low monthly fee of $35/month, which is a manager role to be used on unlimited blogs. The tool is for managers with one to many relationships, meaning if you manage 5 blogs or 50 blogs you just need to connect all of them and you can post from one simple clean interface. This method allows editors and content moderators to hand select articles rather than auto-copying all via RSS which is also an SEO no no.

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