FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation Investigations: Durham Report ZeroHedge

Remember the Clinton Foundation? Which, took millions in foreign donations when everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 US election, only to see donations plummet by 90% after she lost?

To review:

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Now we learn, thanks to the Durham report, that the FBI had three concurrent investigations into the Clinton Foundation, which were shut down during the 2016 election year by top brass.

As attorney and political commentator Techno Fog notes at (emphasis ours);

Durham’s scope included the FBI investigations “directed” at the Hillary Clinton campaign. It seems the purpose of that review was to assess and compare the favorable treatment received by Clinton to the targeting of Trump.

The first investigation involved an FBI tip from a CHS that a foreign government was sending a person “to contribute to Clinton’s anticipated presidential campaign, as a way to gain influence with Clinton should she win the presidency.” (Which country?!) An FBI field office sought a FISA against the foreign contributor and made that request to FBI headquarters, which ignored it for four months due to the fact that they were careful that Clinton was “involved.” According to one FBI Agent, “They were pretty ‘tippy-toeing’ around HRC because there was a chance she would be the next president.” The FISA was approved on the condition that the FBI give defensive briefings to Clinton.

The second Clinton investigation involved the same CHS, who in November 2015 reported to the FBI that another foreign government was looking to contribute to the Clinton campaign “in exchange for the protection of [that country’s] interests should Clinton become President.” That CHS would end up making a $2,700 donation to the Clinton campaign on behalf of a foreign insider, in violation of federal law which bans contributions by foreign nationals. The CHS told their handling FBI agent that “They [the campaign] were okay with it. […] yes they were fully aware from the start” of the contribution being made on behalf of the foreign interest.

Who was the FBI’s confidential human source that caught the Clinton campaign in illegal activity? Thanks to great work by the talented Fool Nelson showing a $2,700 contribution from Patrick Byrne, we have this admission from Byrne himself:

Yep. This is the $18 million bribe to Hillary. https://t.co/0a5i1Xea0G

— Patrick Byrne (@PatrickByrne) May 16, 2023

Somehow, the FBI did not obtain copies of the illegal payment and the CHS’s FBI handlers “could not explain why this apparent illegal contribution was not documented in FBI records.” Instead, the FBI handling agent “.” Later on, the CHS, who had essentially caught a member of the Clinton campaign facilitating illegal contributions, was admonished by the FBI:

Durham questioned how the FBI could reconcile giving defensive briefings to the Clinton campaign while denying defensive briefings to the Trump campaign. He compared the FBI and DOJ’s “measured approach” to the Clinton campaign investigation to the speed at which the FBI ran with Crossfire Hurricane. He also contrasted how the FBI made almost “no effort to investigate the possible illegal campaign contribution” to the Clinton campaign “or the Clinton campaign’s purported acceptance of a campaign contribution made by the FBI’s own long-term” source.

The other Clinton investigation Durham reviewed — the investigation into “possible criminal activity involving the Clinton Foundation” — demonstrated, yet again, favorable treatment received by Clinton from FBI leadership. According to Durham, the Clinton Foundation case opening communication:

Additionally, the FBI Little Rock and New York Field Offices investigations “included predication based on source reporting that identified foreign governments that had made, or offered to make, contributions to the Foundation in exchange for favorable or preferential treatment from Clinton.”

Despite this evidence, . The DOJ was “hostile” to the Clinton Foundation presentations from the FBI Field Offices. And at a February 2016 FBI meeting to discuss the Clinton Foundation investigations, Assistant Director Andre McCabe ordered the cases to be closed. He would reconsider that demand following objections. However, any overt investigative steps needed McCabe’s approval. In May 2016, FBI Director Comey would, through an intermediary, demand the New York Field Office “cease and desist” their Clinton Foundation investigation. And in August 2016, as the presidential election approached, the US Attorneys’ offices in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York declined to issue subpoenas to the FBI New York Field Office in support of their Clinton Foundation investigation.

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The @FBI claims it has learned from its mistakes and is “reformed”. In that case it’s time to reopen the probe into the Clinton Foundation which Hillary’s operatives inside the FBI shut down pic.twitter.com/moQA5rRNBr

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) May 17, 2023

Recall that McCabe’s wife accepted nearly $700,000 from Clinton ally, then-Virginia Gov.Terry McAuliffe (D), to support her run for a state legislative seat.

Meanwhile, a guy who made a meme tricking people into voting for Clinton from home is facing 10 years in prison, while those guilty of actual election interference are not.

Excellent point. Douglas Mackey is going to jail because he sent a meme. The people who attempted to destroy a presidential campaign and, when that failed, attempted a coup against a duly elected president, aren’t going to jail. https://t.co/zSq2zsTrCd

— Hans Mahncke (@HansMahncke) May 17, 2023

Lastly, click into this thread from ‘s Benjamin Weingarten, who has dissected more of the Durham report for public consumption.

But maybe the most important and telling takeaway from Durham is that in spite of the obvious hyper-politicization, weaponization, and corruption his report identifies, he and his team — products of these institutions — don’t call for heads to roll, radical change. If you were… pic.twitter.com/sSgv0w6auV

— Benjamin Weingarten (@bhweingarten) May 15, 2023


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