Geopolitical Macro Analysis Roe vs Wade Being Overturned – 6/25/2022 Knoxville, TN – ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE — In a shock decision to many, Federal abortion rule Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, pushing decision making back to the states.  Let’s take a high level macro view on how this will effect the demographics in the near future.  Here’s a map from Guttmacher Institute showing where each state stands on the issue:

Most of us have seen the drama unfolding across the country, there is no doubt this is a polarizing issue.  But the ruling is one of freedom, meaning those who want to still have abortions may freely go to states like California where abortions are protected.  They may go there when they need to abort, or they may move there, because why live around people who are against abortions?  Let’s examine another statistic from Guttmacher Institute:

In cases where the woman’s life is endangered, there is no hospital in the world that’s going to tell you to have the baby and die.  Anyway it’s a logical paradox, because if they wanted to force you to have the baby but it would kill you, then it would risk killing the baby as well.  In cases of rape, or where the mother may die or be severely injured – abortions will continue.  Where there may be a problem is for the above 6% (poor) and 92% (no reason).

So here’s a few shifts that will happen:

Pro Choice activists will move to Blue states, Pro Lifers will move to Red states (those who are already in their states will stay put).  This will decrease the amount of ‘purple’ states – Red will be more Red and Blue will be more Blue
Populations of Pro Life states will grow, and populations of Pro Choice states will shrink.  Overtime, Pro Life states will represent the majority of USA.
Each side will reinforce their own views, Pro Choice states will act as “Sanctuaries” and Pro Life states will encourage strong families, and promote protection (Birth control, condoms, etc.) as an alternative
These shifts will further polarize the masses, further polarize politics, on what is on the surface a superficial legal decision
Follow on rules will likely ensue, on even more polarizing issues like gun control, LGBT rights, etc.

The political Elite certainly are going to ‘use the opportunity’ as an excuse to fix elections in November, it’s a call to legitimately rally their Leftist base but also a great excuse to explain the ’81 million votes’ for Biden that were never fully accounted for, because, so they will say, people are so upset about the abortion issue – so they came out in droves to vote blue (yeah right).  In any event, this is another superficial distraction for the masses for larger operations obviously underway.

We’re not going to link to the content, but a doctor who performs abortions has released a camera video of what happens during an abortion – it’s a quite gruesome procedure.

Clarence Thomas reportedly said that he wants to make liberals suffer for 43 years, as they made him suffer.  Is this the opening salvo in a political war of attrition?

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