Kiev Pummeled By ‘Kamikaze Drone’ Strikes ZeroHedge

On Monday Kiev was pummeled by Iranian ‘Kamikaze’ drones, reportedly killing at least three people, according to Ukrainian officials. The drones have been controversially deployed by Russian forces in Ukraine over the past few months, amid outcry in the West over alleged arms transfers between Tehran and Moscow.

“As of now, the number of people killed as a result of a kamikaze drone attack on a residential building has increased to three. Nineteen people have been rescued. [Rescue] work is ongoing,” a Ukrainian government statement said of attacks on the capital.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Monday that kamikaze drones and missiles were “attacking all of Ukraine”. In addition to the attacks on the capital, three more were reported killed in the eastern Sumy region, bringing the total of deceased to six.

Russia has drastically stepped up these airstrikes on major cities beyond the eastern and southern front since last Monday. “All night and all morning, the enemy terrorizes the civilian population,” Zelensky said in his newest statement. “The enemy can attack our cities, but it won’t be able to break us.”

Ukraine has renewed its urgent appeal for the West to send “more air defense systems and as soon as possible,” according to Zelensky’s chief of staff Andriy Yermak. “We have no time for slow actions. More weapons to defend the sky and destroy the enemy,” he stressed. Russia expanded its strikes in the wake of the Kerch Strait Bridge bombing.

Interestingly, a fresh statement Monday by Iran’s foreign ministry has denied widespread international reports of the drone transfers, which and others says is expected to continue.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said over the weekend, “The published news about Iran providing Russia with drones has political ambitions and it’s circulated by western sources. We have not provided weaponry to any side of the countries at war.” 

Ukrenergo HQ, Computing Centre, the power-grid control system of Ukraine hit by Russian Shahed-136 (Geran-2) drones in #Kyiv/#Kiev.#Ukraine

— Military Advisor (@miladvisor) October 17, 2022

Complicating matters further is that there are reports Israel is poised to “answer” Iranian weapons transfers with its own ramped up support to Ukraine.

According to : 

“Kamikaze drone” attacks on Kyiv and other cities this morning: – 28 drones targeted Kyiv, 5 reached their destination, rest shot down – critical infrastructure and a residential building hit – one killed, three wounded in Kyiv – electricity out in hundreds of towns and villages

— marqs (@MarQs__) October 17, 2022

Israel has thus far remained reluctant to to jump in too firmly on Ukraine’s side, for example in its persistent refusal to provide the ‘Iron Dome’ defense system, as it must maintain a delicate strategic balance with Russia in Syria.

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