Mapping out the New World Order – Global Feudalism Digital Slavery — 6/30/2022 — Charlotte, NC — You have probably heard of the “Great Reset” but what does that really mean logistically?  We’re going to walk through one of the most terrifying scenarios of a hard reset from a technology perspective.  What is the “New World Order” referenced on the US Dollar Bill, and what is being done practically to achieve world government?

First, let’s start with the digital analysis and outsourcing.  Since the 1990s, everything from electricity to your home, to missile security, is being digitized.  If you file an IRS form by paper, filling it out with a pencil, it is scanned and turned into a PDF document using OCR technology developed and operated in India.  Surveillance tools used by the NSA and other law enforcement, are built and operated by Israeli firms, ‘shady’ firms according to Wired magazine:

..both companies have had extensive ties to Israel, as well as links to that country’s intelligence service, a country with a long and aggressive history of spying on the U.S.  In fact, according to Binney, the advanced analytical and data mining software the NSA had developed for both its worldwide and international eavesdropping operations was secretly passed to Israel by a mid-level employee, apparently with close connections to the country. The employee, a technical director in the Operations Directorate, “who was a very strong supporter of Israel,” said Binney, “gave, unbeknownst to us, he gave the software that we had, doing these fast rates, to the Israelis.”

So what?  Israel is a friend, and a friendly nation – a peace loving culture that has “Kibbutz” and is a victim of the Holocaust and racism worldwide, right?  For a detailed scoop on this, look no further than independent intelligence analyst Brendan O’Connell, in this shocking expose:

The point here is that it’s a logical paradox to ‘outsource security’ – as Israel has core coded Microsoft’s Windows engine and more – that means total control of any machine running the code.  That access wouldn’t necessarily be used by Israel, it could be provided to a real enemy, China let’s say – or Russia.  All the System Administrator needs to do is press a button, and the US Military would need to call Israel for a password.  This is just one example, how many electronic devices used in America and by Americans are core coded by foreign powers?  The security implications of this are astounding, China could take huge amounts of US territory without ever firing a shot (because they could possibly disable access to military defense systems).  Used in combination with other non-lethal weapons like EMP, and we are talking about a scenario where the US could fall to the foreign aggressor in a matter of hours, with little ability to defend itself (once an attacker controls your computer system, they control your fencing, your alarms, your weapons, your everything).

And as you can imagine, critical infrastructure is mostly outsourced outside USA, take a look at the disaster with Dominion voting systems.

Take a look at this map, and note the “America” irrelevant island off in the corner, while Israel is center of the ‘real world’ – dominated by Europe, Asia, and Africa.

It’s as if there is a group of people trying to overthrow the US establishment, quietly dominating the control of key people, critical computer systems, and controlling the flow of information.

Can something be done?  Of course – deliver this message to your local politicians, the more local the less likely they are corrupted.  Inform your Army friends, most likely they have the inside scoop on this in their department.  What is the message?  Tell them to in-source the development of a US made system from the ground up, across the board.  Voting, power plants, transportation, military hardware, food technology – should all be 100% core coded, developed, and operated in USA, by US Citizens.  That is a policy SpaceX has – wonder why?  In fact, if you are a Russian or Chinese fund you may not be able to invest in the company, as per their policy.

What else you can do?  Buy American.  While the 100% Made in USA label doesn’t necessarily mean 100% of the components were made in USA, it’s definitely better than buying something that’s made in China.  Buy Ford cars, buy Ford stock (F) support the domestic economy.  Even if you’re rich, there are plenty of US made luxury cars that are far more fancy than our fancy pants friends across the pond.

Want another example?  Checkpoint systems (CHKP):

Check Point was established in Ramat GanIsrael in 1993, by Gil Shwed (CEO as of 2016), Marius Nacht (Chairman as of 2016) and Shlomo Kramer (who left Check Point in 2003).[7] Shwed had the initial idea for the company’s core technology known as stateful inspection, which became the foundation for the company’s first product, FireWall-1; soon afterwards they also developed one of the world’s first VPN products, VPN-1.[8] Shwed developed the idea while serving in the Unit 8200 of the Israel Defense Forces, where he worked on securing classified networks.[9][10]

Now of course, as you point out the violent tendencies or fanatical nature of any organization, they are going to have a network of PR firms and NGOs in the US and UK that are going to attack you based on the grounds of ‘hate speech’ or ‘anti-Semitism’ such as was encountered by author Israel Shahak, who wrote a scathing history of the inner workings of the rules and views according to insiders:

The journalist Robert Fisk said that the examination of Jewish fundamentalism is invaluable, because Shahak concludes that:

There can no longer be any doubt that the most horrifying acts of oppression in the West Bank are motivated by Jewish religious fanaticism.” He quotes from an official exhortation to religious Jewish soldiers about Gentiles, published by the Israeli army’s Central Region Command, in which the chief chaplain writes: “When our forces come across civilians during a war, or in hot pursuit, or a raid, so long as there is no certainty that those civilians are incapable of harming our forces, then, according to the Halakhah (the legal system of Classical Judaism) they may and even should be killed… In no circumstances should an Arab be trusted, even if he makes an impression of being civilised…. In war, when our forces storm the enemy, they are allowed, and even enjoined, by the Halakhah to kill even good civilians, that is, civilians who are ostensibly good.[25][dead link]

But, any brutal dictatorship is going to have the same spin whether we are exposing China’s human rights violations to the Uyghurs or Hitler’s brutal abuses towards the Jewish people.  As much as people complain about “USSA” the US remains one of the most free countries in the world, a country where you can parade as a Drag Queen even if you are part of the Soros – show – that’s allowed to.  Do you want to pay activists just to show up to your political events?  Money talks in USA – as long as you are not obviously breaking the law, hiring activists and funding riots is allowed too (and has a benefit to the real estate developers in Urban areas.. ).  But the worry is that persistent and aggressive foreign actors will exploit a loophole in a free and open society and use that against a free people in order to establish a global slave based dictatorship.

The technology to implement one world government via the “COVID” grid is already in place.  Through the banking cartels, secret societies, and intelligence agencies – it’s clear that a ‘shadow government’ is already making decisions (not the elected leaders).  This is what Trump called the “Deep State” – but let’s be practical about Donald Trump, he didn’t take a single action against the Deep State, and in fact hired many Deep State operatives for his team, such as neighbor and friend formerly Democrat Wilber Ross.

Trump is certainly a deep fake, a topic for another article.  The deal with him was clear from the outset – you get the ego trip of your life, just ‘Trust the Plan’ and smile to the camera.  Actors make the best US Presidents.  Many people analyze what Trump says and try to read between the lines.  Intelligence operatives look to what Trump doesn’t say.  Who is Trump not critical of?  What does he leave out of his speeches?  What he’s not saying may be more telling than what he’s saying.  Sorry Trump but support for the COVID/Vax agenda was a dead giveaway – and you signed it into operation by making COVID classified and thus showed the hand that COVID was a military operation all along.

What would some of the trappings of a global “NWO” dictatorship look like?  First let’s look at China as a model – Social Credit Score, total confiscation of wealth and property, and rationing based on an AI bot (but this will be Feudalism, not Communism) a 2 class system of Billionaires and people who are happy to give up their Gold for a few pieces of bread, via QR code app.  China is a country that few in the west really understand, for example they have internet police.  You can go to prison for a long time for using Facebook for example.  We are talking about something from the movies, which we are maybe being prepared for.

The good news, no one has a crystal ball and all of our individual consciousness on this planet determines our future – not the Elite.  Not “The Plan” or billionaires or something else.  That means you can too influence the outcome on this planet.  Ask questions – share information – avoid TV.  Here’s one platform sponsored by where you won’t get blocked, banned, or abused:

Let’s look at one aspect of how the “Deep State” projects Global power irrespective of local politics:  Chemtrails.  Just look at this photo:

This is in Knoxville, TN but this is a Global campaign, we are seeing photos like this from Moscow in recent weeks which begs the question, if the west is ‘at war’ with Russia, how is this global spraying program still ongoing in Russia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the United States, and most of the world?

This is a great start on the topic in case you are not following.  However you don’t need a device to follow this phenomenon just a pair of eyes, it’s happening in your city, unless you live in a very very remote area I mean like the Gobi Desert.  For some reason it seems to be more prevalent over populated areas, even the rural east coast of the US.  The chemical composition includes Aluminia (Aluminum dust) Barium Strontium and other trace heavy metals.  Reports have surfaced Graphene has been identified, which is a good conductor of Wireless signals as well it’s also been found in the Vaccines.  Not saying there’s a connection here but the group who is funding and operating this seems to be the same one behind the COVID/VAX Plandemic.

The campaign is being executed by the military, and at least partially paid for by Bill Gates through BMGF, this was going on for 20+ years but drop leaked publicly to feed the lie into the mainstream with a twisted perspective: They are saving us by spraying us.  It’s a billion dollar a month program involving thousands of pilots, thousands of planes, on a global scale – to what end?  We don’t know the reason for this but we have to assume that there must be a really good one, and it’s not saving the planet.  The geoengineering is far more destructive than any possible benefit it may have to balance industrial pollution for example.

You think it’s far fetched that computer managed social credit system will never come to America?  Then why does the Hill talk about it in 2021:

The creation of a “Digital Dollar” would put an exclamation point on a new social credit score. Working in conjunction with major tech companies, citizens not convicted of a crime could lose their ability to transact any business. In time, decentralized forms of money, such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, may be the main means for dissidents to operate — as long as the federal government doesn’t move to squash them. If the Fed and members of Congress are skeptical of crypto now, its use by political undesirables could lead to a furtive effort to severely restrict or ban these currencies.      Until and unless there is an organized pushback, our future could track with those of increasingly illiberal societies. Just last week, the British government announced its own version of a health social credit system. China’s system was announced only seven years ago

When you combine control technologies like the QR code we have seen in Europe and lightly in the US in order to buy food – with a ‘social credit score’ we are talking about a very scary scenario.  Australia provides a good window into the future on how quickly things can get out of control, with COVID camps and nonsensical quarantines, squashing any dissent and a total totalitarian push against common people just trying to live their lives.

Traders need to stand up to this system which is anything but Capitalism.  We need to stand up for markets, for freedom, for free markets.  What will happen if this is implemented, the market will not crash, the market will close.  There will be no need for markets, or banks for that matter.  Only a single bank, like the Fed, managed by whoever is pushing the buttons, will decide how much ‘credit’ is in your account based on how good of a citizen you are.  Sound like Science fiction?  Ask a Russian, who is at least 40 years old, who remembers the 90s.  The Soviet Union had a bank, the problem was it was only one bank, and you had no choices – Gosbank.

Citizens received ‘tickets’ for necessities like food, shoes, and toilet paper.  Families that didn’t drink would swap Vodka tickets for Bread with the alcoholics in the apartment.  It was hell on Earth.  Young women didn’t have ‘makeup’ they just had this tar paste that was used for multiple things.  People had a single jacket, one pair of pants, and everyone was depressed.

When America Inc. is finally outsourced to the Global Technocracy via Davos – that will be the end of the free capitalism we know today. Checkout our Blogs Global Intel Hub – Markets Intelligence – Thought2Go – Memes and Fun – Pre IPO Swap – Pre IPO Markets – Disruptive Fare – Disruptive News – Disruptive Fare Social – ALT Social Media – Please Order It – Online Shopping

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