Quick Prepper Guide to Survive and Thrive during Great Reset

Global Intel Hub — Charlotte, NC — 3/10/2022 — As the COVID false flag narrative has completely unfolded a new and much more vicious one has replaced it: Russia.  The average American doesn’t know the difference between a Gold Coin (worth about $2,000) vs. a $20 or even $5 bill (See Mark Dice asking people on CA streets).  We aren’t working with a huge intelligence pool to begin with, so once the war drums started beating and the propaganda flowing, it reduced the average IQ of America to a number so close to zero it’s indistinguishable from zero except by using complex differential equations to exacerbate levels of tolerance.  If you haven’t figured out how the world works by now, you never will, so there’s no point in writing about what’s going on in Ukraine it’s so obvious to any objective observers with a room temperature IQ.  So, we felt a short ‘prepper list’ of things you can do to protect yourself during asymmetric warfare based on the following Prepper’s Motto: It’s better to be prepared and not need it, than need it and not be prepared.

Be prepared to live without electricity and internet for 60 days.  Before COVID-19 started there was the ‘event 201’ just months before COVID came.  Well, the same crowd has now done a “Cybersecurity” event which was reported here on GIH:

Israel’s Ministry of Finance hosts a cyber pandemic exercise similar to Cyber Polygon, where 10 countries, the IMF, BIS, and the World Bank simulate a cyberattack on the global financial system.  Held in Jerusalem on Thursday, the cybersecurity training exercise dubbed “Collective Strength” was aimed at increasing international “cooperation that could help to minimize any potential damage to financial markets and banks,” according to a Reuters exclusive.

The same Great Reset crowd has been fueling global blackout articles into the media through their global network of think tanks (which is a ironic name, considering all they do is parrot the ideology of the founders) such as “BBC Future” and about a Swiss electricity deal (Reuters) and others.  The problem with Cyberattacks is they can almost never be proven.  How would we ever know who really cut the cord?  Blame Russia.  Anyway, here is the list:

Guns – Get as many guns and as much ammo as you can afford.  You do not need a permit to buy a rifle or shotgun.  Take a class, learn to shoot.  There is an exact inverse correlation with gun ownership and crime.  In neighborhoods where gun ownership is high, there is no crime – like zero.  Get one for your wife or significant other.  If someone is afraid of guns get them a .22 which is lighter but is still a gun.  The only reason the US doesn’t look like Canada or Australia is because of the 90 Million gun owners.  30% of the US population is on some kind of heavy meds without their meds they will become like crazed zombies, some of them violent.  Also, you can use guns to hunt.
Food & Water – Storable food, freeze dried fruits, nuts, beef jerky, anything that will last.  Try products like survival tabs, or MyPatriotSupply where you can buy buckets of freeze dried food.  Water is hard to store so invest in some filters not a Brita like the Alexa Pure that will filter out any kind of toxins.  Everyone knows how to fish and there is not a place in America that does not have fishing of some kind.  There will be food around, just that there will be times when there is none or few choices.
Energy – There are tons of devices that work on low power such as hand crank radios, flashlights, and other battery operated devices.  Getting a generator is a waste of effort and will only irk the neighbors who haven’t had a hot shower.  If you have some land, small windmills are best for power generation and yacht / boat batteries for storage.  If you do not have get a 100% EV car not to help the planet but in case the Gasoline infrastructure is completely destroyed you can always power your EV with your windmill.
Computers – If there is no power and internet you can still use your computer!  Enjoy software programs, read PDF books, watch movies, play games like Halo.  Depending on your computer it may not take much to power it, there are solar charging devices for tablets and laptops.
Work – Whether you are a banker or a plumber there is a job for you offline!  Humans who survive will reorganize themselves according to their skills.  A Ham radio operator may serve as the community ‘town crier’ who can communicate with other communities to see what’s going on.  Life will go on without Facebook believe me.  Those with skills will be those in need – not those who have hoarded the most Gold coins, which brings up an interesting point about Prepping in general – it’s a frame of mind, not a contest who can store the most goods.  Learning skills and having knowledge on hand like books, field manuals, maps, survival guide, hiking trail maps, etc. can be useful if there is no doctor in your village.
 Heat – If it’s cold you can get things like Propane heaters that attach directly to the tank, they are not expensive.  Many homes have fireplaces and if they were built more than 50 years ago the fireplace can not only heat the whole house it may serve as a kitchen too.
Cooking – Breakout the BBQ!  You can grill with wood chips from the forest, if you have to.  Your BBQ will literally last your life if you need it.  There are camping cooking sets you can get if you don’t like the BBQ idea.
Where to buy preps – in Camping stores like REI, Online – this is our official store: MyPatriotSupply Amazon Costco / Wal Mart – pretty much anywhere and you won’t find everything in one place.  For the most important get metal Get Gold Silver and more at Kitco – Get Gold @ Kitco
There are tons of online sites dedicated to this we don’t want to recommend any.  Just remember that you can’t hedge paper with paper.  Having long positions with USO, SLV, GLD, WEAT, and others is great, but if you are hedging a Cyberattack which can lead to loss of power, then your stock positions won’t matter.  All that matters is what you have on you physically.
Tools – if you want to invest in life offline – get some tools that can be used to make things.  If you are an artist – a 12 month supply of paints.  If you are handy, buy some saws and drills and hand tools that don’t require power.  Seeds and gardening tools for sure can be useful.  Imagine that there are no stores to buy products and plan accordingly.  Basically, live like a Mormon.
Silver is the best commodity for trading offline because you can get 1/4 and even 1/16 Oz coins for small transactions.  Also bulk products of things people will need like coffee, condoms, vodka, smokes, diapers, and socks will be easy to trade.  Weed is easy to grow that’s why they call it ‘weed’ but making vodka requires a still, knowledge, and materials (it’s not easy).
Get to know your neighbors.  Your neighbors will be your best friends or enemies in such a crisis.  Find out where is your Police station they will be centers of security whether it’s the Police running them or volunteers.’
Books – Your ultimate entertainment without electricity is the physical book, now that can be bought 5 for $1 at many libraries liquidating books.
Buy a HAM radio – Shortwave.  These radios can listen to worldwide broadcasts.  Also a weather radio will listen to NOAA as long as NOAA is broadcasting.
Forget everything you were taught in school about civic society – without guard rails people will become savages.  Not all of course but it’s not the majority you have to worry about banging on your door.

This list can be exhaustive but you get the idea.  And the good news, this is a non-lethal threat meaning economic damage can be done without direct violence.  It’s much better than being in Belgrade during the constant bombing of the city.  If you live in a strong community life will go on, like in one of James Howard Kunstler’s books.  Oh – almost forgot the 3 rules of any crisis:

Leave the city
Leave the city
Leave the city

Unless you live in towns like Amarillo, TX or Pensacola, FL that are probably going to be alright, you probably should call your country cousin.  Places like Miami, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. should be avoided.  There can be specific things in big cities like gangs left uncontrolled to roam free, exploding buildings from un-serviced gas lines, and so on.  Hopefully, the DOE can power down the Nuke plants safely, I’m sure FEMA has it all figured out.  Life will get smaller, but not over.  There is no ‘apocalypse’ and the world is not ending.  The news media over dramatizes to sell a point – in reality it’s not that dramatic.  All Ukraine had to do was say ‘we are neutral’ but their foreign masters wouldn’t allow them that honesty.  There will be plenty of drama if this unfolds so don’t let fear overwhelm you if this does come to pass.  Finally, just because the Elite are preparing for this does not mean that it will happen.  And we do not know the severity of a Cyberattack, if it will affect the whole world or parts of the world, or parts of USA?  We don’t know how many days it would last, and other unknown variables.  The point here is that prepping is healthy and there is no turning back the situation we are in – it can happen next week or in 6 months.  Let’s pray for the best and prepare for the worst – MyPatriotSupply.

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