Simple Life Hacks to Increase your Vibrational Frequency for Ascension

These are simple things  anyone can do which can increase your well-being, lose weight, gain wealth, attract positive karma!

Each week, do one very kind deed.  Buy a stranger dinner at a restaurant, spend $50 on Starbucks for the next few people in line.
Obtain 3 or 4 physical books and strategically place them in your car, in your bathroom, and other locations and read a few pages while you wait for things.  Topic doesn’t matter but it shoudl be physical books, not devices.
Meditate 20 minutes each day, if you cannot, 5 minutes is enough.
Light exercise 20 minutes each day, go to gym, go for a walk, cut your grass, outside is ideal.
Spend the last 30 seconds in the shower with ice cold water.  Turn around during this time.  Don’t leave the ice blast!
Don’t watch TV or Internet Troll Bots, they are both toxic for your brain, and specifically will block your pineal gland (third eye).
Spend at least 10 minutes with your pet.  If you don’t have a pet, get a dog or cat (not a lizard, fish, or rabbit).
Have a positive mindset.  Avoid fear and negativity.
Surround yourself with positive people.
During the day, listen to meditation music while you work, instead of TV or Radio, such as this:

Everyday, share one positive message with friends on Social Media, keep it short and sweet – such as:

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