The US Pizza Market is Expected to be $54B by 2023. Now, You Can Own a Slice.

800º Go by Piestro kiosk outfitted with a touch screen for easy-ordering and a viewing window for customers to watch their pizzas become ready to eat in just 3 minutes. Credit: 800º Go.

It’s no question that the restaurant industry is fundamentally changing. Ultra-tight profit margins and rising real estate costs have plagued restaurateurs for years, but today the Great Resignation is intensifying the pressure as restaurants struggle to retain employees at affordable wages.

One forward-thinking pizza chain is preparing to introduce a much-needed solution to the $660 billion restaurant industry and calling upon investors to kickstart its growth.

By marrying the sophisticated culinary offerings of renowned global pizza chain, 800 Degrees Pizza, with cutting-edge technology from the food automation experts at Piestro, 800º Go is positioned to redefine pizza-making and the restaurant industry itself.

Addressing Pizza Problems

800º Go is successfully answering some of the biggest issues facing the restaurant industry. At just 40 square feet in size, the pizza-creating pods don’t need brick and mortar locations that require thousands of dollars of rent. Instead, 800º Go kiosks can reside in high-traffic areas like malls, universities, and airports and operate 24/7/365.

With high rent costs eliminated, the labor shortage is up next on the list of challenges to tackle. Luckily, 800º Go has that solved too thanks to Piestro’s automation and robotics technology that can take orders, build pies, cook and serve them to customers in under 3 minutes with no on-site staff needed.

But what about the quality?

That’s covered, too, since 800º Go pods use the exact same ingredients and cooking techniques as brick & mortar 800 Degrees locations, where recipes designed by renowned chef Anthony Carron consistently satisfy hungry pizza-eaters.

The result: while many neighborhood pizzerias scrape by with profit margins of a meager 5 to 10%, the savings on critical overhead like real estate, labor and other production costs boost the profitability of a 800° Go location to about 45%, all without sacrificing any of their signature artisanal pizza quality.

A close look into an 800º Go by Piestro kiosk where advanced robotics and food automation technology prepare artisanal style pizza with no labor required. Credit: 800º Go.

A Piece of the Pie

The plan: 3,600 robot-staffed mini-pizzerias to appear nationwide over the next five years, in addition to 500+ ghost kitchens (deliver-only restaurants). 800º Go ​​has already opened nearly 40 ghost kitchens and is on track to launch over 500 of these sites in partnership with REEF, the largest operator of food delivery restaurants in North America.

The new wave of expansion is accompanied by ownership opportunities for investors ready to buy into this growing business. The scalable pizza dining concept leverages ultra space-efficient cooking technology and robotic automation to slash traditional real estate and labor costs without sacrificing quality and is proven to nearly double profit margins.

Right now, 800° Go is seeking investors intrigued by the potential of this paradigm-shifting approach to feeding America’s raging pizza habit. They’re looking to raise $5M in new investment, so check out the details and see if you’re ready to get in on the ground floor of their revolutionary approach to pizza. The equity crowdfunding campaign is set to end May 4, so interested potential investors should make their move to buy into 800º Go now.

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