Titanic of all VC failures

PreIPOSwap.com — Charlotte, NC — 4/30/2023 — Venture Capital can trace it’s roots back to the stockholding companies of the 17th and 16th centuries when entrepreneurs and adventurers alike raised large sums to navigate the world and open trade corridors.  No bigger failure in Venture Funding can be compared to the sinking of the Titanic.  It was lauded as ‘unsinkable’ and it sank on the maiden voyage.  We recently visited the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN and got this replica stock certificate:

Was the Titanic deliberately sank?  JP Morgan not only owned the company pictured above, which was a Private Equity firm that owned White Star Lines, but he had a ticket on the ship.  He changed his mind at the last moment.  How could it have been done?

Simple- They pressured the Captain to go faster than normal (and safe) in order to ‘make headlines’ – we all know about that pressure it’s a fact.  But the speed is what killed the Titanic, it was going to fast to turn and avoid the iceberg.  This, combined with false Iceberg reports, is a trifecta of disaster.  Remember the Crop report from Trading Places?  Rothschilds have used such tactics throughout history, and this would not be surprising.  They could have plotted a faster course through iceberg territory, and given the ‘coast is clear’ false report when they knew there were tons of icebergs there.

Why would they want to sink the Titanic?  Similar to 9/11 it’s a complex PsyOp but they did pass the Federal Reserve Act next year, and 3 biggest opponents of it did die on the Titanic.  Also, people were not following the news about the Fed on page 12, they were obsessed with the Titanic disaster.

Whether that’s the case or not we don’t know, but it wouldn’t be crazy considering what we’ve seen happen in the last few years.

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