Tucker Speaks In First Public Comments Since Split From Fox; Fans Plan To Boycott ZeroHedge

Tucker Carlson has issued his first public comments since his ouster from for unknown reasons.

Appearing outside his Florida home with his wife, Carlson told the daily mail: “Retirement is going great so far,” adding “I haven’t eaten dinner with my wife on a weeknight in seven years.”

When asked about the future, Carlson said: “Appetizers plus entree,” before driving away on his golf cart.

Both and have been mum over the split – however some are speculating that a lawsuit filed by a former producer, Abby Grossberg (who never actually interacted with Carlson) may be one of the reasons. Another rumor is that Rupert Murdoch’s ex-fiancee said Carlson was a “messenger from God” at a dinner, which freaked out old Rupert.

Carlson’s fans, meanwhile, plan to boycott and streaming service following the split.

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Carlson’s Fox Nation program had hosted numerous celebrity guests, including Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk, actor Russell Brand, “Shark Tank” host Kevin O’Leary, and champion boxer Mike Tyson.

At least one Twitter user said Carlson’s show was the only reason they subscribed to Fox Nation and that without him, she had decided to end her subscription. “I canceled my @foxnation subscription tonight. I only watched Tucker’s show. They will not get another penny. Delete them, too. @FoxNews.”

Scott Morefield, a writer for the conservative Townhall.com also wrote: “I just cancelled my Fox Nation subscription with the note: ‘No Tucker Carlson, no Fox Nation subscription. Goodbye.’ Who is doing the same?” Morefield’s tweet prompted numerous others to reply saying they had done the same.

“Me renewal date was 4/27, so this was a convenient time to cancel. I had previously signed up for a 2 year subscription,” one person wrote.

As people announced they were ending their subscriptions, they shared screenshots and videos to prove they had indeed parted ways with the subscription service.

One user shared a screenshot in which she explicitly stated she was leaving the subscription service over Carlson’s departure from the network. On her screenshot, she had selected a box indicating her reason for unsubscribing, “Fox Nation doesn’t include my favorite Fox News personalities” followed by an additional comment, “As far I am concerned Fox is dead. Without Tucker Carlson you are just another [expletive] propaganda [mainstream media] outlet.”

Another Twitter user indicated Fox News’ other programs would not be enough to keep them interested in the network or its streaming service. “Just canceled my subscription to Fox Nation and promptly turned the channel. Only 3 shows interest me — The Five, Jesse Watters and Gutfled! And I can miss these without a problem. I never missed Tucker. What a loss.”

It’s unclear how many subscribers Fox Nation has lost in the day since announcing Carlson’s departure from the broader Fox.


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