Voting machines, printers broken, offline, and dysfunctional in Tennessee

Global Intel Hub is breaking on the ground intel from Red State Tennessee (not a swing state).  Shoreline Church voting center near Knoxville, TN, had a line out the door because ‘only one printer is working’ – one voter reported a 1.5 hour wait once inside the building.

When the poll worker announced the 1.5 hour wait, many voters left.  Others made phone calls and other arrangements for staying longer – some complained they only had 1 hour out of work to vote.

Tennessee is clearly not a ‘purple’ state or a ‘swing’ state, but if one was trying to manipulate elections, this would be a great way to do it.

People who don’t vote, can be later entered as ‘voted’ and there would be no way to audit that.  The voting booths, are secure – but the paper ballots are scanned and sent to a server, we don’t know where or how that happens, which could be manipulated, see this:

This is happening in AZ, NJ, CA, and other states, as reported by voters.

It is interesting to note that Democrats overwhelmingly vote early.  Republicans may not have the opportunity to vote because their voting locations are broken.

See more issues as reported right here on Zero Hedge:

Nearly 20% of voting centers in Maricopa County, AZ are experiencing issues, according to officials.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s office says technicians have been dispatched to fixed broken tabulation machines.

“We’ve had a few tabulator issues at a couple locations where the tabulator isn’t immediately taking the ballot,” said County Recorder Stephen Richer after being asked about two locations with issues. “Instead it can either be Central count tabulated here, or if that issue can be addressed there, then it can be fed into the tabulator…

Just yesterday…

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Kale says she’s getting “flooded with calls” from frustrated voters.

They only had two years to figure this out… Unless of course this is a feature, not a bug.

Meanwhile, every single Dominion voting machine is down across Mercer County, New Jersey, according to officials.

In a Tuesday morning notice, West Windsor Township informed residents that “Due to a Mercer County-wide system outage, all voting machines are currently down in each district across the County.

“The Board of Elections has advised the county of issues with voting machines. Poll workers will be on hand to walk voters through the process. The board is working with Dominion, the machine maker, to resolve the issue,” reads a notice posted on Facebook, ABC6 reports.

In response, the New Jersey Republican State Committee (NJGOP) says they’re aware of the issue, and that voters can still cast their ballots on paper

“On behalf of our NJGOP legal counsel and election integrity team, I want to make crystal clear to the voters of Mercer County that in spite of reported problems with scanners on voting machines in Mercer County, this issue does not affect their voting experience at all. Voters will still enter their polling place, cast their vote, and insert the paper ballot into the machine as they normally would.”

Voters can be completely rest assured that NJGOP is ensuring voters’ rights are protected at all phases of the process and that their vote counts -Tom Szymanski, Executive Director NJGOP

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