Who are THEY – A look at Globalists and Monopolists

Global Intel Hub (Charlotte, NC) — 7/5/2021 We are sitting on the precipice of a major global event the likes of which Earth has never seen: full disclosure.  As is pointed out on a daily basis here on Zero Hedge, everything you are told by the mainstream media is total lies.  There isn’t an ounce of truth or facts in anything you read online or see on TV, or watch in films.  The book industry is the media which is least censored, but the major publishing houses make sure that controversial works will never be NY Times bestsellers.  As explained in Splitting Pennies, the world is not as it seems.  What is the lie, that they are hiding?  It’s a single lie, that can be described in a number of ways.  Looking at it one way, there exists technology that could end suffering on planet Earth, extend life, end disease, war, and famine.  Those technologies are suppressed methodically by a group who benefits from their being suppressed.  Here is where we unwind the ‘conspiracy’ element, there is no conspiracy.  “They” are the owners of society, the owners of land, factories, transportation, markets, and the media.  Since they have a total global Monopoly in all industries, across all governments, it is vital for their existence they work together to suppress alternative technologies, ideas, or power structures.  Look at the simple example of the Oil Cartels – if there was free energy why would anyone pay them another penny?  They wouldn’t.  So the Oil Monopolies spend a great deal of time and effort scanning the planet for upstart inventors that may pose a threat to their oily cash stream.  In many cases, they buy technologies just so they never see the light of day.  In other cases, they may resort to active operations to thwart, disrupt, or eliminate what they perceive to be threats.  And their most Genius strategy, they back the opposition.  They back programs they know will fail, so they can publicly be seen as the hero.  See a recent example when we saw internal communications from a large Oil company regarding the carbon neutral movement:

Exxon has been forced to apologize this week after one of its lobbyists was caught on camera saying that a carbon tax the company has been pushing for years is “unlikely to happen”, according to Bloomberg.  The lobbyist was caught on video saying: “Nobody is going to propose a tax on all Americans. And the cynical side of me says, ‘Yeah we kind of know that.’ But it gives us a talking point. We can say well what is ExxonMobil for? Well we’re for a carbon tax.”  Exxon CEO Darren Woods came out and said the company was “deeply apologetic” about the comments after a Greenpeace investigator caught lobbyist Keith McCoy making the comments.

Of course, this is a PR angle, the more grotesque side of protecting the Oil and US Dollar Monopoly involves the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and specifically the CIA, and finally the Military.  The deal is, first we send in the bankers with the 25% interest loans we know the country can’t pay off.  When they default, we get the [insert resource by county].  If that doesn’t work, we send in the ‘jackals’ [hitmen], and if that fails, we send in the Army.  This is described in the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” a must read, get it here.

Fixing the 2020 elections in the US is just craftwork, a means to an end.  “They” have done in in nearly every other country in the world previously, and where they haven’t succeeded, they have tried, even in Russia.  In order to protect the big lie, an entire social control paradigm has been created which involves propaganda, censorship, and psychological operations (PsyOps) all designed with the same purpose: Distract you from the truth with bread and games, celebrity gossip culture, and idiotic news so you don’t ask the important questions.  It starts in the school system, where they teach you that hard work and determination can make you a billionaire too!  In fact, if you look at the majority of the Billionaire class, 99% of them ‘descended’ from a dynasty which was established generations ago, or got their start through membership in a secret society, or something of the sort.

Bill Gates being the most bright example, where if you ask anyone who is Bill Gates they will say a computer genius and entrepreneur, self-made.  WRONG! First, although Bill did study computer science, his major was in Law, and his degree (which he finally got from Harvard) was in Law:

Gates, who dropped out of Harvard and co-founded Microsoft Corp. to become the world’s richest person, stopped off at his former stomping grounds to collect an honorary law degree.

Microsoft is a Monopoly by design.  While Bill Gates was running Microsoft, they never developed any software.  Microsoft was a licensing company.  They would buy software companies, put their logo on it, and license it to users.  Microsoft bought more than 10,000 small software startups during his tenure, you may look at Microsoft as a M&A conglomerate.  There are many software companies in Silicon Valley who hire mostly programmers and write code, Microsoft is not one of them.  This anecdote provides a good example of how the lie is sold to you.

The second fact that most people don’t know about Microsoft, Bill’s father, a corporate lawyer, was on the board of IBM when Bill Gates got his breakthrough licensing deal with IBM.  If it were not for that deal, there would not be any Microsoft as we know it.  Bill’s parents influence is not a secret however, here is how Mom helped too:

Microsoft was already in the running for the project, but IBM was considering many software companies, including Digital Research, one of Microsoft’s competitors. With this knowledge, Mary used her connection and spoke with Opel about Microsoft, and afterward, Opel spoke to IBM executives about the company. Luckily for Microsoft, IBM’s talks with Digital Research started to flounder, and when assessing options, Opel remembered Microsoft as the company “run by Bill Gates, Mary Gates’ son,” according to The Seattle Times. As a result, IBM “took a chance,” The New York Times reported, and hired Microsoft for the job. (In addition to Microsoft, IBM also contracted Digital Research and SofTech Microsystems to adapt operating systems for IBM’s personal computer.)

The responsible party for running the operation is the Media Oligopoly with a huge caveat: The CIA has editors in News Organizations.  Here is an article on the topic preserved by Zero Hedge, but deleted by Medium.com for ‘violation terms of service’ –

A similar influence is exerted over military-supported TV, which ranges from Hawaii Five-O to Americas Got Talent, Oprah and Jay Leno to Cupcake Wars, along with numerous documentaries by PBS, the History Channel and the BBC.  National Security Cinema also reveals how dozens of films and TV shows have been supported and influenced by the CIA, including the James Bond adventure Thunderball, the Tom Clancy thriller Patriot Games and more recent films, including Meet the Parents and Salt.  The CIA even helped to make an episode of Top Chef that was hosted at Langley, featuring then-CIA director Leon Panetta who was shown as having to skip dessert to attend to vital business. Was this scene real, or was it a dramatic statement for the cameras?  When a writer or producer approaches the Pentagon and asks for access to military assets to help make their film, they have to submit their script to the entertainment liaison offices for vetting. Ultimately, the man with the final say is Phil Strub, the Department of Defenses (DOD) chief Hollywood liaison.

Excuse me, but what does Oprah have to do with National Security?  You want to tell me that the CIA needs to approve Oprah’s content to protect National Security?  Actually, it does – if you understand what is the National Security State and why it exists.  ( Others have noted that the CIA is the media )

The National Security Act of 1947 was passed in September, 1947, just months after the Roswell incident and PR fiasco, where the US Army admitted to the UFO crash and then walked back the story saying it was a ‘weather balloon.’  The CIA itself was started by 2 lawyers, who were career grifters and opportunists, the Dulles Brothers.  They created the business model of Modern American Hegemony, where the US has a domestic PR job how we are ‘helping people’ by seizing their resources (in their case, it was Bananas in Guatemala with the United Fruit Company).

So hiding the US Government’s big secrets, which involves major PR work, invites interesting friends; friends who also have similar wants and needs.  So it is no surprise that big tech got it’s big start from Uncle Sam.  In the case of Microsoft, it is their partnership with the NSA that popularized their product.  _NSAKEY –

_NSAKEY was a variable name discovered in Windows NT 4 SP5 in 1999 by Andrew D. Fernandes of Cryptonym Corporation. The variable contained a 1024-bit public key; such keys are used in public-key cryptography for encryption and authentication. Because of the name, however, it was speculated that the key would allow the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to subvert any Windows user’s security. Microsoft denied the speculation and said that the key’s name came from the fact that NSA was the technical review authority for U.S. cryptography export controls.

_NSAKEY may have been, as Microsoft claimed, just a poorly named registry entry.  However, there is overwhelming evidence of Microsoft’s close relationship to the NSA:


Former Microsoft Employees Don’t Like Talking About Past and Present Microsoft Back Doors (Designed for Spy Agencies)
When Microsoft’s Actions Speak for Themselves (About Back Door Access)


With a Cybersecurity Panel Like This, Who Needs Any More Demands for Back Doors?


Microsoft BitLocker Has Bug/Back Doors, Windows Laptop/Desktop Encryption Just a Farce
More Back Doors Found in Microsoft’s Entrapments (Proprietary Software)
The Huge, Collateral Cost of Microsoft’s Collusion With Five Eyes Espionage Agencies
Microsoft is Again Demonstrating That It is Not Interested in Making Windows Secure
Debunking the Idea of ‘Secure’ Windows (or Proprietary Software, by Extension)
Back Doors/Bug Doors in All Versions of Microsoft Windows Need a Name, a Logo, and Branding Too
Microsoft Back Door in Windows (All Versions) Intentionally Left Open For Over a Year, Existed for 15 Years

It’s simply impossible to develop technology without giving the security state the keys, they would never allow your project to succeed.  Here is how the deep state works, Microsoft wants to grow it’s business, the NSA wants access to user data – it’s a match made in heaven (excuse the pun).

The point is that, since the CIA and the national security state was created, we have no transparency.  But indirectly, through leaked documents such as provided by Wikileaks, and Whistleblower testimony, we see that the business that the Dulles brothers created in the 1950’s is still running strong.  The CIA is important to the Globalists and the Global Monopoly because before it’s creation, America was a lot more free.  Not completely of course, the Federal Reserve created a Monopoly on the financial system in 1915.  But the US Security State enabled foreign actors such as the United Kingdom, China, and other proxy states for Globalists to control USA, and turn it into USSA.  Europe has been controlled by the Elite’s for thousands of years, social mobility remains low (if you are born a peasant, you will likely die a peasant) and we have seen what a Dictatorship the European Union is during Operation COVERT-19.  Just recently Spain announced they may seize your property and do whatever they want to you for the ‘good of public health’ – 

The prominent Spanish daily El País is reporting a hugely alarming scenario in which Spain’s central government is mulling a national mobilization and “security law” which would compel citizens to “temporarily” give up their rights in instances of future public health crises or emergencies such as happened with the coronavirus pandemic.  The law is currently at the level of a mere proposal but worrisomely it would elevate matters of public health to the level of ‘national security’ – as El País spells out based on a translation of its reporting: “Any person of legal age shall be obliged to carry out the ‘personal obligations’ required by the competent authorities, following the guidelines of the National Security Council, when a state of crisis is declared in Spain. In this case, all citizens without exception must comply with the orders and instructions issued by the authorities.

But really this is not so much about money, it’s about power.  If the big lie was exposed, the Elite’s would almost instantly lose their power.  Why would you visit a Hospital and get a $20,000 bill in a broken medical system, when cheap natural cures for COVID are everywhere?  You wouldn’t, and that’s why the censorship has to hide such information.  It’s not about Politics, or Big Pharma, it’s about protecting the Monopoly.

Another way to call them is the Establishment or ‘entrenched interests’ – there isn’t a conspiracy, they are the status quo maintaining their power.  History is the struggle between the haves and the have nots (Blanton, Pine Crest, 1996).  What we are facing with the Monopoly in USA today isn’t new, in fact, all US Presidents except Trump and Van Buren are all related to King John:

King John, who ruled 1199-1216 AD, was not a particularly impressive figure in English history.  Nicknamed ‘Lackland’ by his father Henry II who thought he would never inherit substantial lands, he is renowned for being forced to sign the Magna Carta in 1215, which limited the monarch’s power by law, and for losing the Crown Jewels in The Wash.  But, by focussing on both male and female family lines, BridgeAnne traced an ancestral link to him that all US presidents share – bar one, Martin Van Buren.

Are markets any different?  The stock market goes up and down during the day, but if you overlay a Money Supply (M1) chart with a stock, crypto, or any chart for that matter – you see a very strong correlation.  Take a look at this, and I’m interested to hear your explanation that markets are NOT manipulated:

Money Supply (M1) that is created by the Fed goes to banks and to individuals (Stimulus) who then buy Crypto, stocks, and ammo – driving the prices of all assets straight through the roof.  This exaggerated example provides ample statistical evidence on the correlation between the Fed and markets.  Previously, the Fed could explain away inflation due to marginal differences, ‘magic’ such as deleting food and energy from core CPI, and other tricks.  Now, it’s clear what’s going on.

In conclusion, the Monopolies of the world, including the US Government – rely on aggressive psychological operations to keep you buying in to the system.  The only way this falls apart is if there is mass de-adoption.  In other words, what enabled Democrats to get away with fixing a major US Election, is that people (and some of them are wealthy and powerful) still support them and their Monopoly clients.  If you want to end the Fed – stop using US Dollars!  Easier said than done, but it’s easy to not support Democrats for example, or the companies that support them.

Those who are victim of these aggressive PsyOps should be studied by scientists, and shunned by their rational friends.  Protests, so called ‘activism’ only feeds into their plot.  They have gamed every scenario using billion dollar AI to ensure status quo for the Global Monopoly Alliance.  There is no hope for peasants to organize against them, because they control the media, they control the employment sector, they control the money markets.

Knowing that markets are manipulated, doesn’t mean you can’t make money trading.  It’s just a major axiom to put in your trading plan.  In the case of Crypto, the rug can fall out at any time (and it looks like it’s being pulled).

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