Woke Anti-Racism and the attack on free speech is bad for markets

Global Intel Hub – Woke-ism is no joke.  According to Billionaire Peter Thiel, it’s extremism similar to Wahhabism:

“Wokeness”, he posited, plays the same role as Wahabbism in the similarly afflicted Saudi Arabia.  There is, of course, a minority — “maybe 20%” of true believers — but mostly it is a sort of lip service that Machiavellian elites pay to a system of values that allows them to keep the whole corrupt machine running.

Thiel goes on to explain an excellent metaphor for market inefficiencies from the left.  He claims that Democrats are fueling a homeless and drug problem because it’s contained to a certain area and the farther up the hill you go, in San Francisco, so goes up the housing prices.  He claims that the problem areas stay there and they don’t allow it up the hill.  But what’s the effect?  Housing prices on the hill have skyrocketed, whereas down in the flats, by the docks, they remain the same.  No bums, no catastrophic housing prices.

What he’s saying is that the market is rigged, Democrats have introduced a social concept, that we need to allow drug users to use drugs on public streets, that bums are good, etc. There is no sanity in these policies, unless of course you own property on the hill.  He references in particular, East Palo Alto, let’s take a look:

(East Palo Alto is upper right hand corner, click here to look directly on Redfin)

Source: Redfin

We all know Racism is exaggerated to the extreme.  Because of America’s history of Slavery and segregation, it’s not hard to do so.  Of course, there are cases of racism but if we compare Racism of today to the 1950s or 1960s, we can’t even call it Racism.  We had a problem, a huge problem, before the Civil Rights movement.  Minorities were treated unfairly, cruel, and for no reason.  But in today’s world, simply by not choosing a minority, or for saying something that can always be twisted to an interpretation of a racist comment, you can be fined, fired, or worse:

What is it about the term “racism” that silences conversation and sends an anticipatory shudder of delight down the spines of politically correct vigilantes of virtue? Like the word “heretic” in an earlier age, “racism” is more weapon than word. Its primary effect is not to describe but to intimidate, ostracize, and silence. What semantic significance it may command is overshadowed by its use as an epithet. Once successfully applied to a person or practice, a sort of secular damnation, or at least excommunication, ensues. Seldom is there any appeal, let alone absolution. Those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, said St. Mark, cannot be forgiven. Racism is the eternal, the unforgivable, sin of our age. Those successfully accused of racism are beyond the pale, cast out into the place of fletus et stridor dentium. Exactly why this should be takes us into deep waters. We do not pretend to have the answer.

This much is clear, however: The deployment of power always attracts acolytes and entrepreneurs. So it is no surprise that a thriving cottage industry has grown up around accusations of racism. We might call the resulting enterprise “Racism, Inc.” There is no shortage of workers on that assembly line. On college campuses (but not only on college campuses, as such names as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton remind us), the bludgeon of “racism” is a popular and effective instrument of moral oneupmanship and social control, not to mention intellectual conformity and economic blackmail.

Today, diversity takes a whole new meaning.  It used to mean including minorities, now it means excluding non-minorities.  We can all see how it’s ridiculous.  But what if this wasn’t about social values, what if this was just a simple tool to control people, and make money?  But here’s where it gets tricky.

The SF housing example is a rigged market.  You have local lawmakers creating a problem (or not solving a problem) thus artificially driving up housing prices on the hill, making their portfolios bulge.  Of course, part of this strategy involves a Woke media campaign about how important it is to have homeless drug users incorporated into our society.  It’s a shallow, disingenuous argument.  Handing out free crack pipes has no tangible benefit to society or humanity.  The only place a hard drug user should be is in treatment, in Europe they look at addiction as a medical problem.  You go to a clinic, they try to get you off of the hard addiction, or they enable you to die in the comfort of a controlled environment – not walking around messing up Starbucks bathrooms, defalcating on people’s front lawns, terrorizing neighbors and tourists.

Brazil has Favela tourism, perhaps something like that could boost the city’s dwindling tax dollars to all the people fleeing the insanity.

Another really good use of Racism is if you want to ruin someone.  It’s the ultimate character assassination because there is literally no defense.  A photo of you golfing can be interpreted as participating in a KKK event.  NGOs use it to literally end your business, to stop the competition.

Take a look at how the ADL is applying this to potential Facebook competitor, Gab:

Antisemitism on Twitter – In October 2021, Torba, via Gab’s verified Twitter account, shared a variety of antisemitic tweets and memes. These tweets were retweeted, liked and replied to hundreds of times.  In a series of tweets on Oct. 19, the Gab account shared antisemitic tropes about “Judeo-Bolshevism” while promoting the creation of a “parallel Christian society.” Judeo-Bolshevism is a term used to refer to the belief that the Russian Revolution in 1917 was part of a Jewish plot to enslave the world. In the 1930s, Germany’s Nazi Party used the term to promote the conspiracy theory that Jews were responsible for communism.

Really?  I’ve never heard that Judeo-Bolshevism is code word for Jewish conspiracy theory.  I’ve read hundreds of books on the Bolshevik revolution, including controversial works like Anthony Sutton’s “Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution” – the nationality, religion, or color of the skin of participants is hardly mentioned.  This may be someone’s opinion, and it may be the opinion of the ADL – but look how this becomes a slippery slope.  That opinion is then used as evidence for a ‘hate crime’ – so similar to the fact checker machine, calling someone a Racist is a great way to smear your competitors into oblivion.  The point here is that this is a way to character assassinate your competitors, and there is no defense.  How do you disprove someone’s opinion?  When an opinion becomes that of an NGO that specializes in ‘defending victims’ – you immediately become a monster, and no defamation suit can help you.

The passive aggressive strategy is toxic because when someone is playing in victim it’s impossible to argue.  Everyone feels bad for the victim.  Crying abuse, such as is being done on an institutional basis, has become an attack narrative by itself.

Or to put this another way, the ADL is limiting your free speech.  Who is to decide what is ‘hate speech’?  These organizations are largely disingenuous, they are in fact political and business tools.  Character assassination can be much more deadly than murder, if you are in business.

Search Google for “Folk Music” and you may get results that include “Irish Folk Music” – is that ‘racist’ ?  Why not ‘African Folk Music’ is there something about the word ‘folk’ that is automatically associated with “Irish” and if so – is Google racist?  According to the logic of organizations such as the ADL – yes it is.  Because even to discuss one’s identity, can be racist against another.

Men should not be described as ‘men’ they are ‘non-female’ and so on.  If you call a man a man you may be discriminating against women and the 20 other genders!

Then introduce gender confusion into the mix, and it becomes difficult to even communicate in the English language without setting several traps for the “Anti-Racist” police to call you out.

As we looked in the Thiel example, in San Francisco this is a tool being used to drive up housing prices in certain parts of town.  In the Gab example, it’s targeting the existing Monopoly alternatives.  There are tons of other examples, which are seen on a daily basis.

We all agree Racism is bad, discrimination is bad, hate speech is bad, violence is bad.  But do these things really exist naturally, organically?  Or are todays issues funded artificial movements, which are used as tools to achieve an economic result, whether that be to increase your property values, or to crush your competitors?

Also see this: https://globalintelhub.com/facebook-spied-on-private-messages-of-conservative-right-wing-individuals-then-reported-to-fbi-for-domestic-terrorism-zerohedge/ 

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